Data & Information Risk Exposure is something businesses must deal with every day; compliance risk is something that can be controlled. GDPR impacts have not diminished and data holding and processing expectations are evolving. Process and controls can be put in place to make sure that a business is at the highest level of compliance.

Benefits of working with eaziSecurity:

We will create & populate your compliance register

We will review all your compliance requirements

We will create reports detailing all our work

Ensure compliance across your business

Meet all expectations for 3rd party data processing either as supply chain member or primary data holder

Brand enhancement through deployment of effective controls

Outsource your DPO (Data Protection Officer) requirements to eazi

We will ensure that your business is at the highest level of compliance with expert advice as well as access to focused guidance and support.

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Certification & Assessment Support can be key to help you achieve ISO compliance and gain certification. The importance of being able to demonstrate external verification and compliance with the ISO standards can greatly enhance your standing and reputation as a business and facilitate increased due diligence reviews from your current and prospective clients. eaziSecurity are able to provide support to steer you through to any ISO certification.

The benefits of becoming ISO 27001 accredited via eaziSecurity are:

We have 15 years of commercial experience in delivering certification support

We will be by your side during the assessment and develop a solution that demonstrates compliance

We will perform a gap analysis so we know which aspects require attention

We will suggest/recommend and deploy the best systems to fill the “gap”

We will create the policies and the necessary process controls for you to follow

We will provide ongoing support to meet your continuing compliance and ISO needs

Gaining ISO certification can provide a significant USP for your business and mitigate the risk of ineffective controls over your processes and functions.

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Cyber Security Review

Penetration Testing is central to understanding your vulnerability exposure to external threats that may be targeted at your business and the data and information you process. If you handle any form of data you are going to want to make sure that it is secure; our penetration testing solution stress tests everything from your infrastructure to your wireless networks, this is the only true way to make sure that your business is safe.

Why we believe you need this solution:

Reporting access a hacker could exploit

Assists with security Compliance and ISO

Reports any security issues with your Wireless Access Points

Report on vulnerabilities in your infrastructure

Run a phishing simulation and report on the problem

You need no experience in security testing

Constant cover

This is the first step on the road to compliance, you will get an idea of where you stand in terms of security.

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A Compliance Review will help you make sure that your Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) meets the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). If you are a level 1 merchant processing large amounts of transactions annually, you will need this solution.

By conducting a PCI Compliance Review, we can help you to:

Identify and understand any potential risks to your cardholder data environment

Make sure that you are only keeping the cardholder data that you require

Enable you to isolate sensitive CDE networks from non-sensitive networks with segmentation

Provide insight into any and all emerging threats in the marketplace

Identify where controls need to be assessed

eaziSecurity want to help you make sure that your organisation meets the standards set forth by the PCI SSC.

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