eaziSecurity can engage with you to provide expert consultancy to help identify where you can enhance your cyber security with maximum effect to protect your business, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Firewall Health Check

A firewall is only effective if it is maintained, we can provide you with a health check which will allow you to understand the performance of your appliance, known security vulnerabilities that could compromise the device, as well as identifying if there are holes which need to be closed down in your policies to reduce the chance of a breach.

Our Firewall Health Check gives you a point in time understanding of how effective your firewall is, and what you can do to further harden your perimeter edge.

Wireless Audit

We can perform a security focused audit of your wireless network to determine if you comply with best practice wireless security standards. Our approach will look at both your design and configuration, taking into consideration if you are running legacy standards & protocols, as well as encryption and authentication methods, along with identifying rogue access points are just some of things we will highlight for you.

Our Wireless Audit helps understand your wireless security vulnerabilities, giving you the information to harden your wireless network and minimize risk of cyber-attacks from this breach point.

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    Don’t worry, our expert pre-sales and engineering teams understand that sometimes it’s impossible to know what’s missing until you know whats available.


    That’s why we are here to provide you a full consultative approach to understanding your current setup and solutions, to assess potential gaps and offer  the best solutions for your business.

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    Please speak to one of our eaziSecurity team who will be happy to help. For all enquiries, email hello@eazisecurity.com

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    Cisco Meraki

    Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security. Secure and scalable, Cisco Meraki enterprise networks simply work

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    Working with a Cisco Premier Certified Partner means you have access to best-in-class team, products and services, and technical support